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YVONNE & GUITE is all about the quest to create the perfect and well-balanced recipes 
and to rediscover the original tastes of classic French treats. Our canelés, macaroons and financiers do not contain preservatives or artificial flavours 
and we mainly use organic products for tastier and wholesome products.


YVONNE & GUITE was founded in London in early 2015 by Caroline, a former financial marketer, who decided to follow her passion for cooking and baking. In Caroline’s French family, food has always been a great affair, be it for celebrations or everyday meals, focusing on quality, freshness and authenticity. Caroline and her younger sister started taking over the family kitchen during their school holidays when their parents were at work. They were taking delight in baking crêpes, gaufres, tartes and many other sweet treats with the excuse that none of the cupboard’s afternoon snacks were tempting enough! They found their inspiration in the blue recipe notebook started by their mother and filled with the recipes of her grandmothers Yvonne and Guite, both outstanding cooks with their own style. While Yvonne was described by everyone who knew her as a ‘gourmet-gourmand’, Guite always focused on the wholesome and beautiful aspects of her dishes. Twenty years after having started in her parents’ kitchen, Caroline blended the culinary spirit of her grandmothers into YVONNE & GUITE to offer fabulous little indulgences as they should be.