iPastry Anyone?

September 11, 2016

Hello Everyone!

I’m Caroline, the founder of YVONNE & GUITE. Welcome on our blog! For this first post, I could have decided to talk about the origin of the canelés or why our recently introduced mouth-watering teacakes have been named “Financiers” for centuries (more on these in a later post), but having revamped and upgraded our website with better and new functionalities, I felt seized the opportunity to speak about food and technology!

In an era when all and sundry is said to be under threat from automation, artificial intelligence and other smart devices, we cannot help but puzzle over what this could mean for an intrinsically low-tech endeavour as YVONNE & GUITE is. Actually let us caveat this statement, since high tech is already creeping on us day after day through managing and improving of website, e-shop and the booking/delivery system.

Preparing and baking our little indulgences as well as packaging them for you are part of the pleasure we get from waking up at 6am or thereabout. Should we replace the manual labour required every day with one of the robot cooks used routinely in domestic kitchen or even better should we start saving to buy one of these wonders with two arms hanging from the ceiling and acting like lightning of registered recipes? They even wash the dishes, but sadly they can’t store them on shelves yet! 


As tempting as a high tech upgrade seems the running of the website is constantly providing us with insight into what automation really means. Alice, our Design Manager, could probably spend hours, if she did not already spend them working on website and its digital appendices, expanding on the hard manual work underpinning the digital showcase of YVONNE & GUITE.

Are we on the eve of producing our indulgences not with moulds and oven but with keyboards and mouse? Is the iPastry about to be unleashed on the unsuspecting United Kingdom? Well as tempting as the automation siren might be, the high tech component of YVONNE & GUITE is likely to be confined to speeding the experience of lovers of indulgences when browsing for them and ordering them. The hand-made preparation and baking will remain so, and is also our little pleasure in preparing your indulgences!

So long iPastry!

Caroline  xx