Financiers, We Love You!

November 03, 2016

We love financiers! For nearly ten years’ financiers have been blamed for a whole bunch of problems in the economy and the term is now sometimes associated with negativity. However, the financiers we’re talking about are nothing but pleasurable treats filled with joy. We love Financiers (and you should too!).

Their name could mislead you, but the Financiers were created to be an indulgent treat centuries ago (probably the 17th century) as a modest and comforting pastry in France. Created and baked by an order of nuns in France these pastries (then-called Visitandines) were distributed to help the poor and suffering.

Two centuries later, in the 19th century, an enterprising baker in Paris saw the full potential of these pastries. This young baker was the founder of this French treat as we know it.  The first financier stall was located close to the Parisian Stock Exchange (an area still called La Bourse in today’s Paris), he was assailed by hurried and time-pressed young traders looking for something pleasant to the palate yet easy to eat that didn’t leave the banker’s fingers sticky! With an eye on the marketing angle, the baker did two major alterations: changing the name from Visitandines to Financiers and altering the original round shape to a new one… the gold bar!

Fast forward into the 21st century, YVONNE & GUITE is delighted to present you with two delicious financiers: the classic almond financier and the hazelnut financier with a crunchy topping. As always at YVONNE & GUITE, we have developed well-balanced recipes for these little indulgences with a focus on an enjoyable tasting experience, elegance and refinement of technique.



Caroline   xx