October 05, 2016


… or slightly more than a year. I started YVONNE & GUITE in 2015, after having spent a few months preparing logistics, validating recipes with family, friends and Clementine, a friend and pastry chef who was taking a break between two jobs in Parisian palaces. After hundreds of trials and samplings, the current recipe was agreed in form and YVONNE & GUITE was good to go in the first quarter of 2015. Like every carefully laid plan, this one did not survive its contact with reality as we found out in late January 2015, my husband and I, that a baby was underway and expected for September 2015. What greater joy than the pregnancy running alongside the launch of the business (and seven months later it felt like carrying twins)!

The day my daughter was born feels like it was yesterday, instead of a year ago (already). As chance had it, not only was it a day to rejoice for us, but also for YVONNE & GUITE. It was only on the morrow when checking my emails that I saw the kind words of Joanna Simon (then heading the Wine and Food section of House & Garden) commenting on the samples of canelés she had tried earlier. Not only did she enjoy them, but she also wished to feature them in her magazine… and what an exceptional reward to have a full page in House & Garden where our canelés where labelled as the best in London!

Caroline xx